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Muscatine County 2020 Caucus Sites

Not sure where you will go to caucus?

Precinct Map from the Secretary of State: Click Here

BLOOMINGTON                         Muscatine Schools Admin. Bldg.

FRUITLAND ONE                      Fruitland City Hall

FRUITLAND TWO/LAKE           Discovery Park/Enviro. Learning Center

FULTON/MONTPELIER             Stockton City Hall

GOSHEN                                    Atalissa City Hall

MUSCATINE ONE                      Mulberry School

MUSCATINE TWO                      Susan Clark (West) Middle School

MUSCATINE THREE                  Central Middle School Gym

MUSCATINE FOUR                    Musser Public Library (Room 301)

MUSCATINE FIVE                      Jefferson School lunchroom

MUSCATINE SIX                        Grant School Gym

MUSCATINE SEVEN                  Franklin School Gym

MUSCATINE EIGHT                   McKinley School Gym

MUSCATINE NINE                     Roach Theater

MUSCATINE TEN                       Madison School Gym

ORONO                                       Conesville City Hall

PIKE                                            Nichols City Hall

76/CEDAR                                  76 Township Hall

SWEETLAND                              Colorado School Gym

WEST LIBERTY ONE/WAPSI     West Liberty Community Center

WEST LIBERTY TWO                  West Liberty Community Center

WILTON CITY                               Wilton High School Cafeteria

WILTON/MOSCOW                      Wilton High School Library